A Jambon-beurre combines very few ingredients of such exceptional quality that the finished product is so much greater than just the sum of its parts.

Founded in 2020 by Benjamin Thomas, we use that doctrine as our manifesto, and you can see it in everything that we do.

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B Thomas
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B Thomas, Someone Else’s Guy

B Thomas
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A new project titled “All the Best”. It’s a newsletter (viewable online too) with the theme that something is objectively “The Best” in their category.

Can you use the example of Epoisses being “the best cheese” (it is) (no, it isn’t raclette) to tell a poignant story of a distant relative’s weekly Sunday Supper featuring a mismatch of people and conversation, beginning and ending with a cheese course, that was the only moment of the week that you looked forward to while living on the other side of the world?

Maybe you want to write a funny (but very serious) piece with an intellectual argument as to why the Ford Fiesta is the best car to ever exist?

Do you have a strange attachment to a specific tobacco brand because of the nostalgia it entails and want to tell us a story while arguing the case for being the best ever?

What about a scientific argument as to why dog isn’t man’s ‘best’ friend and another animal is instead?

You don’t have to have writing experience (maybe you’re a bartender wanting to talk about ‘the best cocktail’ or simply a drinker of it)- and there are no set rules beyond the premise above- although the more niche and interesting the premise (‘the best leaf’ over ‘the best band’), the better. Poetry, interviews, fantasy, fiction, whatever you can think of, pitch it.

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Hannah Bevis, Designer and Embroiderer

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Maia Walker, creative portrait photographer and creative director

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